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30 Dec

IT’S LAVENDER SEASON!!!! and NY State has amazing lavender fields…. I’m here at in East Marion, Long Island. For locals, they have a stand in Union Square where they sell Lavender based products. It’s a must see if you’re in the area in July. Check out: – Penn Yan, NY (Finger Lake region) […]

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One of South Florida’s hidden gems is Pompano Beach, Florida. Located just north of Fort Lauderdale, this quiet beach town is perfect for those who prefer less crowds and a laid back atmosphere. It’s ideal location makes access to other South Florida towns, including Miami, super easy. I start my journey at the Fort Lauderdale […]

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Out of the many adventures one can have in Orlando, I choose the off the beaten path things to do. My journey begins at the Orlando World Center Marriott, home to the biggest most amazing pool I’ve ever seen. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that mermaid classes are offered through the […]

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St. Petersburg, Florida is one of Florida’s best kept secrets! It’s an art filled city perfect for nature lovers, adventurers, families and couples. It has some of the best beaches in the world, a burgeoning art and culinary scene and the largest collection of Salvador Dali works of art outside of Europe.

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Wynwood is Miami’s art district. It is a museum of the streets where art is truly in abundance. Almost everywhere you look in this 9 block radius, you find works of art. With over 70 art galleries and new businesses opening up every week, this neighborhood is thriving.

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Teri sets off to discover another side of Puerto Vallarta by experiencing luxury at it’s finest at the Casa Velas resort.  She also explores the beauty of the vibrant huichol art and statues downtown before taking off for her underwater exploration at Las Caletas in Banderas Bay.  Here she encounters sea urchins, sea horses, star […]

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Siempre soñé con viajar sin equipaje.  Me di cuenta de este sueño cuando fui al Mall of America.

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In this video I travel to Boca Raton, Florida to experience tropical tranquility and the barefoot elegance culture at the historic Boca Raton Resort & Club and the Boca Beach Club.

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I have a taste of the Waldorf Astoria Driving Experience while I drive the Porsche 911 Turbo, McLaren MP4 12C and the Ferrari Italia 458 Spider throughout the Boca Raton area.

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From swimming with dolphins to exploring the local food scene, Teri counts down her top 10 things to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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Teri explores the local food scene in Puerto Vallarta via a food tour where she eats tacos birria style with meat marinated in goats head, samples the cerviche at Gueros and learns how to drink tequila bandera style.

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Teri travels to San Sebastian del Oeste, an hour outside of Puerto Vallarta to experience the old mining town covered with pine, coffee and avocado trees.  Here she learns the origin of the avocado, called aguacate (in Spanish) that was taken from the Nahuatl word of ahuacatl (native Aztec language) which means “testicle tree”.

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Travel’s Best: Teri Johnson reveals the country’s best leaf-peeping drives. – Here’s a countdown of what I did for the Travel Channel in Fall 2013.  The five part series will be out in Summer 2014.

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