Coastal and Charming Astoria, Oregon

On the last day of our adventure in Oregon, we traveled to Astoria, a place rich in American history and geographic history. Today, Astoria is a charming coastal town with many local artists, antique shops, and proud residents.

After an overnight stay at Cannery Pier Hotel, we drove to Cape Disappointment State Park and ended up on an expansive beach filled with driftwood and seabirds. A half-mile away, was the point where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. As I walked on the beach along the path of early explorers Lewis and Clark, I captured my experience on the Samsung Galaxy S6 with Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

Finally, we took a quick walk up the Astoria Column, a symbolic pillar with an impressive spiral staircase. Once at the top, the tradition is to throw a small paper airplane from the top. Mission accomplished and captured.


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