Day 3: Painted Hills, Oregon

Wow is an understatement when describing the Painted Hills. Prior to my arrival, I was captivated by their beauty and uniqueness from photographs I had seen, but no one prepared me for their true magnificence. The rippling waves of yellow, gold, red, black and every shade in between appear like colorful sand designs typically seen in bottles. The difference is that these are huge prehistoric size hills that Mother Nature has given us over more than 30 million years.

I found the Painted Hills visually and spiritually stimulating. They inspired me to sit, breathe and reflect on the beauty of nature and life. I thoroughly enjoyed the sound of the birds chirping and the entrancing sway of the wild flowers at the base of the hills. I captured them on the Samsung Galaxy S6 with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Click here to read more and enter to win. This post contains sponsored links from Corning Incorporated.

Painted Hills 3

Wild flowers at the Painted Hills






Painted Hills 2

Wild flowers growing on the side of a hill at the Painted Hills



Painted Hills 1

Layered Hill at the Painted Hills



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