Smith Rock, Oregon

If someone challenged me to hike up a mountain filled with switchbacks along the Misery Ridge route in the heart of Oregon in search of a Monkey Face, I would’ve laughed out loud then been intrigued. Well, this is pretty much what happened at Smith Rock in Terrebonne, Oregon. The hike was challenging but gave me a chance to traverse through tough terrain to incredible heights. The lush, beautiful flora along the trail and the soaring falcons was a bonus.   The pinnacle for me was making it to the top of Misery Ridge summit where I came close enough to see the skilled rock climbers scale the side of Monkey Face (a 350 foot self-standing spire). As I zoomed in with my Samsung Galaxy S6 made with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, I noticed a climber doing this without shoes. At that moment, the word “tough” had a new meaning to me.  Click here to read more about our experiences on Smith Rock and for a chance to win a device of your own.


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