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ORLANDO: Off the Beaten Track

Out of the many adventures one can have in Orlando, I choose the off the beaten path things to do. My journey begins at the Orlando World Center Marriott, home to the biggest most amazing…

Experience Puerto Vallarta

Teri sets off to discover another side of Puerto Vallarta by experiencing luxury at it’s finest at the Casa Velas resort.  She also explores the beauty of the vibrant huichol art and statues downtown before…

Behind the Scenes of my Photoshoot in the Bahamas

During my recent visit to the Bahamas, I shot with photographer Scharad Lightbourne on beautiful Love Beach in Nassau. I was styled by Lavonne Ferguson of ShoptheCC who combined my southern background with my jet…

Travel in Ubud, Bali

Travelista Teri travels to Ubud, Bali and explores the emerald green rice fields, ornate Balinese temples and traditional art with the help of her guide provided by Kensington Tours.

Fall Foliage Road Trip Countdown

Travel’s Best: Teri Johnson reveals the country’s best leaf-peeping drives. – Here’s a countdown of what I did for the Travel Channel in Fall 2013.  The five part series will be out in Summer 2014.

Barbuda and Beyond

Teri heads to Antigua’s sister island, Barbuda, to discover the frigate bird sanctuary, the pink sand beaches.  She then hits the town to party with the beautiful Andrena Athill, who was crowned Miss Independence of…

Teri’s Reel

Hey there, I’m Teri Johnson a Travel Expert and Host of Travelista TV. I travel the world, tell stories about my adventures via video and editorial. I am a brand ambassador, media personality and I’ve…

Mali IV: The Dogon Country Pt. I

Teri travels to the Dogon Village of Sangha where she encounters a Dogon Priest and learns about the Dogon practice of telling the future through a fox’s footprints in the sand.

Mali III: Djenne & The Dogon Country

Teri journeys to Djenné to explore famous mud mosque, unique adobe architecture, and Monday market.  She then travels further east along the Bandigara escarpment for her introduction into the mystical Dogon Country, which is one…

Mali II: Ségou, Djenné, Beer & Bogolan

After enjoying Bamako, Travelista Teri heads to the village of Ségou Koro and then to Ségou where she tries millet beer at a family’s home and learns the secrets of making traditional Malian mud cloth.

Teri’s Adventures in St. Croix

Teri seeks adventure in St. Croix as she goes on horseback on the beach at Cane Bay, swims with the horses, and learns secrets from a local Bush Doctor in Caldonia National Park.

Toasting in Different Languages

This is part three of the language pronunciation lesson with Travelista Teri. Learn how to say cheers in twenty different languages! French – A votre sante Arabic – Fisehatak German – Prost or Zum Wohl…

South Africa Adventures Part III: Cape Town

Teri travels to Cape Town to discover Table Mountain, where she learns how to abseil down mountain. She then heads over to Boulders Beach where people and penguins share the sea and sand.  Further along…

South Africa Adventures IV: Durban

The last stop on my South African Adventure was in the sub tropical city of Durban. Durban is located in the KwaZulu Natal province and is the third largest city in South Africa.  While there,…

Teri’s Journey in Jerusalem

Travelista Teri travels to the holy land of Jerusalem to visit sacred sites including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which is constructed on the area where Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected.  She later…

Adventures in South Africa: Part I

Travelista Teri journeys to South Africa where she experiences the cultural and historic richness of Johannesburg and adventures on safari at Singita Lebombo in Kruger National Park.

Bikini Ready

Travelista Teri explains the tips on diet, exercise, nutrition and skin on how to get and stay bikini ready.