Italian Wine Pronunciation

Join Travelista Teri in part two of her language series on how to correctly pronounce Italian wine. In this video she reviews commonly misprounounced red and white wines that from Italy.

Red Wine:
Barbaresco – Bar-bar-ESS-coh
Barbera – Bar-BEAR-ah
Barolo – Bar-OH-lo
Brunello Di Montalcino – Brew-NELL-oh dee Mon-tahl-CHEE-no
Chianti – key-AHN-tee
Chianti Classico – Key-AHN-tee Class-ee-ko
Dolcetto – Dohl-CHET-toh
Nebbiolo – Nay-BYOH-low
Sangiovese – San-geeo-VEHS-eh
Valpolicella – Val-poh-lee-t’chell-ah
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo – Mon-the-pull-chee-ah-noh dah-BRUT-so
Nero d’Avola – Neh-row dav-oh-lah

White wine:

Falanghina – FA-lan-GHEE-nah
Pinot Bianco – Pee-noe BYAHN-koh
Pinot Grigio – Pee-noe Gree-joe
Trebbiano – Treb-bee-AH-no
Verdicchio – Vehr-dee-kee-oh
Vermentino – Ver-men-tee-noh
Vernaccia – Ver-nach-chah
Vermentino – ver-mehn-TEE-noh