Visit Curacao: Explore the Culture, Music and Adventure

Curacao, or Korso in the native Papiamento, is the most authentic, populous and cosmopolitan of the ABC islands the Dutch Antilles.  It is a cultural enthusiast’s dream and a language lover’s paradise.

With nearly 40 beaches, colorful picturesque architecture, delightful people, delectable Caribbean cuisine, and a vibrant and diverse culture, the island of Curacao is the perfect destination for almost anyone.

Explore Curacao with me as I explore the local culture, music and adventures on the island.  Bon bini!


Translation for Levi Silvanie’s song Ami ta Korsou:
Manera  un estatua na su luga elegi
Like a statue in its chosen place
Un monumento ku refleho pa  éternidat
A monument eternally reflecting
Ta ekstende poder di su balor
Extending the power of its value
Den rosea dje pueblo su alma
Through the breath of its peoples’ souls

Ami ta korsou, mi ta banda ariba I mi ta banda abou, ami ta korsou
I am Curaçao, I am the East side and the West, I am Curaçao
Ami ta korsou, un kurason chiki meimei di mundu
I am Curaçao, a small heart in the center of the world
Si abo ta korsou, no ta importa si bo ta hel of blou si bo ta korsou
If you’re Curaçao, it doesn’t matter whether you are yellow or blue
Si abo ta korsou, bo tambe tin un luga spesial den e mundu
If you’re Curaçao, you too occupy a special place in the world

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